Is This the Final Straw for Disney Fans? Disney Cancels the Magical Express

Published: January 12, 2021

Did Disney just push loyal fans to the breaking point? Could this be the final straw that deters loyal fans from visiting the Disney World Resort in Orlando?

Disney announced yesterday that they would no longer be offering the Magical Express in 2022 for those visitors that stay at one of the Disney World Resorts.  For those that may not know what the Magical Express is, it is a FREE bus ride for those visitors that are arriving at Orlando International Airport (MCO) and takes them and their luggage directly to the resort in which they are staying.  The Magical Resort also delivers your luggage directly to your Resort Room.  It was one of the many “perks” of staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel that will no longer be available.

For those that have not been keeping track, Disney has been slowly removing the perks and special events that made visiting Disney World special and not just another vacation.  These perks are what made them more attractive than going to other Orlando area Amusement Parks such as Universal Studios.

Disney Extra Magic Hours

To top off the loss of the Disney Magical Express, Disney also announced that they would no longer be offering “Extra Magic Hours” to those guests that are also staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel.  EMH were generally being eliminated before the Covid-19 Pandemic in favor of Hard Ticketed early morning or after hours events is which guests could attend for an additional cost.  Disney announced that they would no longer have EMH in 2021, but instead allow Resort Guests to enter parks 30 minutes prior to rope drop.

Our family has been loyal visitors to Disney World in Orlando for almost 20 years now, making the trek from the Northeastern US at least once a year.  We have, for the most part, overlooked the annual and sometime bi-annual price increases, the charging for parking a rental vehicle in a Disney Resort Hotel parking lot and many other issues that have changed in the parks over the years.  But as we sit back and add ALL that has been taken away from loyal fans, Is Disney World actually worth our money anymore?  DisneyDawgs has been questioning this click here to see other posts.

Is It Worth It?

Is it actually worth staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel anymore when you have to pay for parking.  MagicBands and luggage tags are no longer complimentary. Disney also no longer offers luggage delivery to and from Orlando International Airport. they also no longer offers complimentary airline checkin. The Disney Magical Express will not be offered. And Extra Magic Hours will also no longer be offered. Is it worth staying at Disney World Resort Hotels for twice the price than other Orlando area resorts and hotels are charging with similar if not better amenities?

Disney is currently nickel and dimming their loyal fans and this may be the final straw and this decision may come back around and bite them where the sun does not shine.