Most Underrated Disney Attractions

Posted by: Admin on: February 11, 2018

Following up my previous article, “Most Overrated Disney Rides”, comes my list of what I believe to be the most underrated attractions in Disney World. These rides include ones that have short lines, or are often overlooked, but they are definitely worth a ride. These rides might not be the most thrilling or the newest, but they’re rides with great story lines or rides to visit when you need to wind down.

1. Journey into Imagination with Figment

(Future World – Epcot)

Related imageThis ride often has no line, or if it does have one, it is usually less than 15 minutes. This is a slow-moving ride in which you are taken into the sense labs of the Imagination Institute. Along the way you’ll meet the playful dragon Figment who redirects your journey. This ride is fun for all ages, and at the end there are many different activities for people of all ages to have fun trying out. Part of the reason why this ride gets a bad rep is because many long-time Disney fans are familiar with a beloved previous version of the ride. I still believe that this ride is very entertaining, and deserves some love.

2. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

(Mexico – Epcot)

Image result for gran fiesta tour epcotThis ride rarely has a line, and this is mainly because it is hidden. When walking through Mexico it is impossible to miss the giant pyramid. Very little people know that inside the pyramid, there is actually both a restaurant and a ride! The restaurant is beautiful, and the ride is loads of fun. Tucked in the back of the pyramid, you can find the Gran Fiesta Tour. This ride is a boat tour of Mexico where José Carioca and Panchito try to find Donald Duck. The decoration of the ride is beautiful, and it is a nice, relaxing ride when you’ve been walking all day, or when the heat gets to be too much. The music is also incredible, and you’ll have “The Three Caballeros” stuck in your head all day.

3. Mickey’s Philharmagic

(Fantasyland – Magic Kingdom)

Image result for mickey's philharmagicThis attraction is a 4D movie experience that takes you through many well known Disney musical scenes. Donald Duck goes against Mickey’s rules and takes the Sorcerer’s hat and has to travel through all of your favorite musical sequences in order to get it back. Along with the great music and 3D effects comes different scents and you may even be squirted with some water! This ride comes with great nostalgia and is a must do for our family. The wait rarely exceeds 10 minutes, and it is nice for when you need a break during the day.

4. Country Bear Jamboree

(Frontierland- Magic Kingdom)

Image result for country bear jamboreeThe Country Bear Jamboree is a show of animatronic bears singing along to some classic country songs. The show is filled with laughs and is extremely entertaining. This attraction is also one that Walt himself actually helped design. Everyone has their favorite bear whether it be Henry, Liver Lips, Big Al, Trixie, or one from the Sun Bonnet Trio. The show is accompanied by comedic comments from three mounted animal head animatronics on the wall, Buff the bison, Max the deer, and Mel the moose. This show is great for families and is also nice when a break is needed.

5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

(Tomorrowland- Magic Kingdom)

Related imageThe TTA People Mover is a slow moving 10 minute tour of Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. To board this ride, you must take a moving sidewalk up to a tower. The train-like ride gives you an overhead view of many different parts of Tomorrowland including Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Space Mountain, and Mickey’s Star Traders. While on this ride you can also see a model of Progress City, the prototype of Epcot. This ride is relaxing, and gives you some great views of the park. On this ride you can also hear my favorite Disney World quote, “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow”.

6. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

(Adventureland – Magic Kingdom)

Related imageThis attraction is one of the few in Walt Disney World actually overseen by Walt Disney himself. This attraction is a show where many tropical bird, flower, and tiki animatronics sing and dance along to different Polynesian tunes. The show usually has little to no wait and is a must do for any Disney World visitor. The attraction is incredibly themed and has a song that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The Tiki Room ends with the birds singing a parody to “Heigh-Ho” and is sure to leave everyone giggling. After exiting the ride is also a perfect opportunity to buy a Dole Whip!

Disney World is full of many different rides and attractions, but some rides get overlooked. In my opinion, these rides are some of the best in Disney World, and what makes them all the better is that they don’t have long lines!


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