DLR – 2010 Hidden Mickey Series – Soda Bottle Collection (Minnie Mouse)

Disneyland 2010 Hidden Mickey Lanyard Series – Soda Bottle Minnie Mouse “Cherry Soda”. Small Hidden Mickey head icon located near the bottom left of the pin. This pin is part of the 2010 Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Series.


WDW – PWP Collection – Black and White Snapshots – Figment

This Limited Release pin features Figment in an old black and white snapshot. The photograph is of a grey toned Figment from the waist up. Figment has his hands up in the air.


WDW – Mickey Mouse Major League Baseball (Boston Red Sox)

Mickey Mouse Major League Baseball Series. This pin features Mickey wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform in red white & navy blue. Mickey is leaning on a baseball bat and tossing a baseball up in the air with Red Sox ‘B’ logo to the right.


Mickey Thinking of His Film History

Disneyland 2013 Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard Series – Duffy’s Hats collection pin features Duffy the Disney Bear wearing Aladdin’s “Prince Ali” cream colored hat with a purple feather. A silver hidden mickey icon is located on the bottom of the hat. This pin is part of the 2013 Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Series. Back of the pin: The pin is silver metal. One pin posts with two nubs. Mickey head icon pattern.


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