Pieces Break Off of Blue Monorail

Posted by: Admin on: June 21, 2017

Monorail service at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and loop resorts was suspended on June 16, 2017 after a piece of Monorail Blue

Disney World's Blue Monorail
Disney World’s Blue Monorail Train broke down when pieces of it’s undercarriage fell to the Epcot Parking Lot Below.

broke or fell off of the tram causing it to spark and slow to a halt.  The train had just left the Epcot Station and was heading toward the Magic Kingdom when this incident happened.  None of the passengers aboard were injured.  Reedy Creek Fire Department was dispatched to the scene and the area was shut down to visitors as Park Authorities and the Fire Department evacuated the cars and the monorail was towed back to the Monorail Garage.


Although, luckily no one was hurt in this incident, it could have been a very bad situation.  Disney World currently uses the Mach VI trains that were commissioned in 1989 and are breaking down more and more frequently.  It is time for Disney to invest in a new Monorail trains that are more safe and reliable than the current generation.

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