Where is Paint the Night Going?

Posted by: Admin on: May 19, 2017

Paint the Night
Disney’s Paint the Night is currently packed and ready to be shipped, but to where?

“Paint the Night”, which was the former nighttime parade at Disneyland in California before the “Main Street Electrical Parade” was brought back to California after a short stint in the Magic Kingdom in Florida, has been packed up and is ready to be shipped to another park, but where?

“Paint the Night” is a brightly colored, highly musical, parade that had been featured at Disneyland in California for roughly the past two years.

Magic Kingdom would be the most logical choice seeing that they currently do not have a nighttime parade.  But with the recent debut of the new “Happily Ever After” nighttime fireworks/projection show and “Once upon a Time” projection show, some have questioned whether Magic Kingdom could hold three nighttime events in such a short period of time.  There is also Hollywood Studios, but in it’s current state of constant construction, it is doubted whether the park would be able to hold this parade.

Long-shots are Disneyland Paris or Shanghai, neither of which have a nighttime parade…  But shipping “Paint the Night” over seas may be cost prohibitive due to the size and the technological nature of the show.  It would be in the same ballpark, pricewise, to build a new parade in Paris or Shanghai as it would be to ship the entire “Paint the Night” parade there.

Magic Kingdom does seem like the most logical choice to have “Paint the Night” added to it’s nighttime entertainment calendar, due to the fact that there is currently no nighttime parade and the Magic Kingdom theme park is currently set up, technologically, to handle such a parade.

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