Opt Out of Mousekeeping and Get a Gift

Posted by: Admin on: April 22, 2019

Pop Century
Now you are able to opt out of Mousekeeping, but is it worth it?

Disney has introduced a new option for those staying at certain Walt Disney World Resorts… No maid service (or Mousekeeping as Disney refers to it.).

The way that it works is that when you check into your resort, you can opt not to have your room cleaned daily.  In return, you will receive an email voucher good for up to $10 per day to be used on Disneyworld property.  You will receive the voucher a couple of hours after you check in via email.

There are pros and cons to accepting this offer.  Most of those that stay at the resorts do not spend much time in their rooms and you are still able to request clean towels daily.  You are also able to request clean linens, but you have to make your own beds.

Some of the cons are that those dirty towels do accumulate quickly and your trash cans will fill up.

If you do not spend time in your room other than to sleep, this may be worth the $10 a night.

My only fear is that eventually Disney will no longer offer the gift card for opting out of Mousekeeping and then charge for the service if you want your room cleaned.

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