New Theatre Coming to Disney World (CANCELLED)

Posted by: Admin on: October 27, 2017

A new theatre is coming to Disney World on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.  The unnamed theatre will be built on land that is currently used for Disney Magic Kingdom Employee parking.

The theatre is to be designed to be in the style of other buildings on Main Street USA, which was emulated from Main Street in 1901 Marceline, MO (Walt Disney’s hometown).  It is to be built in the style of historic Willis Wood Theatre in Kansas City, MO (1902-1917).

Disney will break ground on the new theatre on Sunday, October 28, 2017.  There is no announced completion and/or opening date.

It is rumored to have shows anywhere from Disney Shorts (cartoons) to traveling Broadway plays, such as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. But, as of yet, there is no official word from Disney Officials.


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