Goodbye Wishes…

Posted by: Admin on: March 24, 2017

Disney has announced that May 12, 2017 will be the last showing of the “Wishes”. Which has been the night time fireworks show at Magic Kingdom for 14 years.  It will be replaced the following night by “Happily Ever After”. It  will also feature fireworks, laser lighting and projected images on Cinderella’s Castle.


“Wishes” debuted at Magic Kingdom on October 9, 2013. It replaced the 32 year old “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks show. The show, hosted by Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy featured music and sound clips from various Disney Classics such as “Aladin”, “Jungle Book”, “Fantasia” and more. One of the featured points of the show is when an illuminated Tinkerbell “flies” from the castle to a building behind the crowd via a zipline.  The show includes 683 fireworks that shoot during 557 cues.

Although I absolutely LOVE the wishes nighttime show, a new show would be nice to see.  Disney has a tremendous video projection show and to integrate that with a fireworks show sounds very entertaining.

I will miss the “Wishes” show at Magic Kingdom, my daughters grew up watching this show and I am concerned that Disney World is changing so much, so quickly that the park will quickly divert away from it’s original design.



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