Disney Glossary

If you have ever visited Disney World or have view a Disney Blog or video, you most-likely have come across a term that you were unaware of or did not know what it meant. DisneyDawgs has put together some of the most common terms used that may not mean what you think they mean when you visit the parks. Let us know if there are any other terms that are not here that you may not be 100% sure of its meaning.

Stand-by Line

This is the name of the line for rides at the parks if you do not have a FastPass

Fast Pass+

FastPass+® is the program that allows you to reserve a time for rides in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Park Hopper Option

This is an addon to your park tickets that allow you to visit more than one park a day.

Rope Drop

This is the morning opening of a park… In most cases, Cast Members actually hold a rope and drop it to allow guests into the park.

E Ticket Ride

Originally you needed to use tickets to ride the attractions at Magic Kingdom.  An “E” Ticket ride was generally one of the most popular rides and used the more expensive “E” Ticket.

Character Spot

This is the best place to find a Disney Character to have you picture taken with

Wait Time

This is the estimated amount of time, in minutes, that you should expect to wait in line to get on a ride or attraction.  Wait Times range anywhere from 5 – 120 minutes or more depending on the ride and time of year.

Cast Member

This is what Disney calls all of their employees.

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is offered to those staying at Disney World Resort Hotels.  The DDP has three tiers… Quick Service Dining Plan, Dining Plan and Deluxe Dining Plan.  The cost of the plan is based on the number of nights and the tier chosen.

On Site

This term is used when referring to any restaurant, store, shop, etc that is located on Walt Disney World Property.

Rack Rate

This is when no discounts are applied to the cost of a Disney World Resort Hotel room.  Generally you are paying full price.