Is Ellen’s Energy Adventure Closing?

Posted by: Admin on: May 29, 2017

Epcot - Ellen's Energy Adventure
Is Ellen’s Energy Adventure Closing?

Rumors are swirling that “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” in Disney World’s Epcot is getting ready to close.  Reports are that permits have been submitted with the Reedy Creek Improvement for work to be done on the wetlands and canal that are currently behind the building that houses “Ellen’s Energy Adventure”.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure is currently a dark ride in the Northeastern corner of Epcot which is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and features Alex Trebek, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Nye the Science Guy.  During a dream sequence Ellen is faced up against Albert Einstein and Jamie Lee Curtis on the gameshow “Jeopardy!”.  Ellen is getting beat badly when she enlists Bill Nye the Science Guy to teach her about energy.  They proceed to take a prehistoric trip to the time of the dinosaurs all the way to the present to learn about renewable energy.

The ride originally opened in 1982 as “Universe of Energy” which ran until January of 1996.  The ride re-opened in the Summer of 1996 with new films and was renamed “Ellen’s Energy Adventure”.

After a twenty-one year run, rumors are that the ride is to close soon so that construction on a “Guardians of the Galaxy” rollercoaster can be built on the site.

This would be a great addition to Epcot.  “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” is starting to show it’s age in which a majority of the possible renewable energy options are now a reality.  Not to mention that this ride is 45 minutes long, which not many people are willing to give up for a 21 year old ride.

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