Haunted Mansion

Published: February 3, 2020

Disney World’s Haunted Mansion is a classic and beloved attraction located in the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It is a dark ride that takes guests on a ghostly tour through an eerie and haunted manor.

Here’s a description of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion:

  1. Exterior and Queue: The Haunted Mansion is situated in a stately, Victorian-style mansion with Gothic architecture, surrounded by a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. As you approach the attraction, you’ll notice the Haunted Mansion’s distinctive exterior and the foreboding, graveyard-themed queue area. Tombstones, crypts, and other ghostly elements set the stage for the supernatural experience.
  2. Foyer and Stretching Room: Upon entering the mansion, guests are ushered into a dimly lit foyer where they gather for the pre-show experience. From there, you proceed to the famous Stretching Room. As the room appears to stretch vertically, ghostly portraits on the walls reveal humorous and spooky scenes.
  3. Doom Buggies: After the stretching room, you board “Doom Buggies,” black, omni-directional ride vehicles designed to accommodate multiple guests. The Doom Buggies move continuously along a track, ensuring a continuous flow of guests through the attraction.
  4. Ghostly Scenes: The Doom Buggies take you on a winding tour through various haunted rooms and scenes of the mansion. Each room is intricately detailed, featuring ghostly effects, illusions, and animatronic figures. You’ll encounter the ghostly inhabitants of the mansion, including the iconic characters like the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Madame Leota, and the Ghost Host.
  5. Ballroom and Attic: One of the most impressive scenes is the grand ballroom, where a ghostly party is in full swing, complete with dancing spirits and a hauntingly beautiful musical score. You’ll also journey through the attic, filled with mysterious artifacts and a ghost bride.
  6. Graveyard and Exit: As the ride progresses, you’ll find yourself in a moonlit graveyard, surrounded by singing busts, humorous tombstones, and spectral apparitions. The graveyard scene adds a touch of whimsy and showcases the ghostly humor prevalent throughout the attraction. Finally, the Doom Buggies exit the mansion and return to the loading area.

Throughout the Haunted Mansion, you’ll experience a blend of eerie and whimsical elements. The attraction combines atmospheric storytelling, ghostly effects, and memorable characters to create a unique and entertaining experience. The Haunted Mansion is renowned for its detailed theming, clever illusions, and iconic music, making it a must-visit attraction for Disney World guests seeking a spooky and fun-filled adventure.

  • Small Child Alert
  • Dark
  • Spooky