Disney Springs Now Offering Preferred Parking

Posted by: Admin on: June 13, 2017

On June 1, preferred parking became available at Disney Springs Grapefruit and Lemon lots for $10.  Both lots are surface lots and, as of now, the parking garages are still free parking and valet parking is available in the West End near the Orange Garage for $20, plus gratuity.

Disney started offering Preferred Parking at the major theme parks in March, 2016 for $40.  A short time later, Disney offered this parking option at the water parks.

With the addition of Disney Springs to Preferred Parking options at Disney World, the only other place that does not have a pay to park option is currently at any of the resort hotels.

This is just another way for Disney to squeeze that extra dollar out of it’s visitors.  Prices throughout Disney World are already ridiculous to the point where the average Middle-Class family of 4 cannot afford to visit the resort any longer.

With recent additions, Disney had better watch out because the other theme parks in the Orlando area are quickly becoming a comparable and less-expensive option.

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