Disney Continues to Raise MORE Prices…

Posted by: Admin on: February 23, 2017

Several weeks ago both Disney World and Disneyland raised ticket prices on all tickets and average of 5%.  This is Disney’s annual money-grab.  But they have not just stopped there to take more money out of their guests pockets for less entertainment.

It has been announced that Disney World has raised the cost of all tiers on their Meal Plans on an average of $2.50/day per

adult and $1/day per child.  Disney’s Dining Plan has not been worth the cost for a while now.  Selections and restaurant choices have been reduced and the cost has steadily increased since its introduction several years ago.

Disney World has also increased the cost of using the “Express Transportation Service” that picks you up from within the Park and transports you to other Parks (It does not transport from Resort to Park or vice versa.).  This service was introduced late 2016 and has become very popular.  Prices have been raised from $15/day to $19 and from $25 to $29 for 7 consecutive days.

With all of the latest price increases that Disney has instituted in 2017, is a Disney World Vacation actually worth the cost anymore?

Disney World Parks very rarely offer the extended evening hours that they once did (i.e. Extended Magic Hours until 3a.m.)  This upcoming April and for the foreseeable future, most of the Parks will be closing nightly at 9PM.  This is a minimum of 2-3 hours less in the Parks for your increased ticket price and “Meal Plan”.  Both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are going through MAJOR renovations and a good percentage of the park, including attractions are not longer offered.

There are also rumors that EPCOT is scheduled to go through a major transformation within the next 5 years that will definitely impede foot traffic and wait times for the ONLY 1 FASTPASS that you can get for a ride that you want to go on per day, Sorry, I think that it is a complete waist to have to get a Fastpass for “Living with the Land” because you can only choose one of the following rides as a Fastpass each day:

  • Soarin’
  • Test Track
  • Frozen Ever After

Those are the only rides that you need Fastpasses for in Epcot.

I think that Disney is pricing itself out of the Middle-Income American Family with all of the price increases and decreased entertainment within the Parks.  I am seriously looking elsewhere for a family vacation that will offer me more bang for my buck.

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