Disney Closing Loophole in FastPass+ System

Posted by: Admin on: June 14, 2017

With every technology there are holes and backdoors that dishonest people try to take advantage of.  Disney’s FastPass+ app is no exception.  Disney has discovered that it is had been possible to book rides through the FastPass+ using an unused ticket or Magic Band.

To most, this does not seem like a big deal, but to those that have gone to the Magic Kingdom and have waited 90 minutes or longer for the Seven Dwarfs Mine rollercoaster because you were unable to secure a Fastpass using your Magic Band and Fastpass+ App, 3 months or more before visiting the park, is should be.

It is believed that Tour Group operators are booking large amounts of rides on unused tickets and selling them to their customers as part of packages.  It is unclear on how long this practice has been going on.

This week, Disney has stepped up and placed security in that FastPasses can only be used on Magic Bands and tickets that were used for admission to that theme park for that day.  If anyone tries to use a Fastpass on an “illegal” Magic Band or Ticket, they will be locked out of their Fastpass+ App and will need to visit Guest Relations to have their access restored.

Although this does not seem to be that severe of a penalty, those that have had to visit Guest Relations at any of the Disney theme parks know that this can take upwards of an hour out of your day depending on how busy the park is that day.

There is no word from Disney on if there would be any more severe punishment on anyone who is a repeat offender of this policy or if they would ban a Tour Group if they continue this practice.

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