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Posted by: Admin on: October 27, 2017

Epcot - Ellen's Energy Adventure

Hello All.  It has been quite a while since I have been able to post to the blog.  Family and work issues have constricted my time, but in no way has it caused me to forget everyone that reads it. A lot of changes have been mentioned and quite a bit of construction is underway throughout the Disney World Resort Area, including the HORRIBLE road construction going on, well, EVERYWHERE!

We have said goodbye to “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” and the “Great Movie Ride” (see previous story) to make room for 2 new rides.  A Mickey Mouse themed ride will be taking over at the Chinese Theatre and a STRONGLY RUMORED (Epcot President let is slip at a news conference) Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster at Ellen’s Adventure (So Long Stoopid Judy.).  Hollywood Studios is still only half the park that it was right now with construction still ongoing for “Star Wars Land” and “Toy Story Land” with Toy Story Land rumored to be opening in Spring 2018 and Star Wars Spring/Summer 2019.

Disney Springs

has not been immune to the construction bug.  Disney Quest, the multi-story interactive entertainment venue that was a holdover from the Downtown Disney and Micheal Isner days has closed and is being dismantled to make room for yet another restaurant for Disney Springs.  The NBA Experience will be occupying the area where Disney Quest is being demolished.  Many may remember that the NBA Experience once existed at Universal Studios Orlando, but was closed to make room for the Chocolate Factory.  The NBA Experience has not announced an opening date, but rumors are pointing towards late 2018 or early 2019.

Over at the Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain is getting ready for it’s annual refurbishment shutdown and the Jungle Cruise ride is still currently closed due to damage sustained from Hurricane Irma which did some minor to moderate damage throughout the Disney property.  The Jungle Cruise repairs and construction are suppose to be almost completed and the ride looks like that it will be re-opening in early November 2017.

Over at Animal Kingdom

Pandora continues to be a HUGE success after being open for six months.  Wait times and crowds within the new area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom continue to exceed all expectations and rumors have started to surface that because this area has been so successful, look for an expansion to Pandora in the upcoming future.

It is also rumored that Dinosaur may be repurposed into another Disney Intellectual Property themed ride as word is out that the Dinoland area may be changed to and Indiana Jones themed area.  The Dinosaur ride, which uses similar dynamics as the Indiana Jones ride out at Disneyland in California, could easily be restyled.

So as you can see, there are lots of changes being made and even more rumors about future changes out there.

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